Half Bras – Demystifying a Hot Topic  

 Half Bras – Demystifying a Hot Topic


Today there are so many variations of half bras around and discussions on what the proper name is for each style that it can get confusing to know what to look for.

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many discussion on whether a demi cup bra is different to a half cup. For our purposes half bras are any type of lingerie that doesn’t cover the bust fully. This includes the demi cup bra, quarter cup bra, shelf bra, and balconette bra.

Half bras are designed to give shape and cleavage while allowing a woman to wear low cut tops and plunging necklines.

While push ups have always been popular with petite and younger women, they have also become the most popular type of lingerie for women everywhere now a days.

Most push ups are actually demi cups.

A demi cup bra and balconette bra are quite similar to each other in the sense that they do cover the nipples but allow the top part of the bust to be exposed. They also have some padding to give extra support and push the breasts towards the center, removing any excess breast tissue from under the arms.

A demi cup bra is usually cut one inch above the nipple while a balconette bra is cut horizontally, above the bust to show a fuller cleavage and increase the breast size.

The name balconette bra came from the old days where men would look down from the balcony of a theatre at women’s busts but would not be able to see their undergarments.

A shelf bra or quarter cup bra on the other hand can leave the nipples exposed and are more suited for women who are petite or don’t have a large bust. They allow for some support but keeps a natural line underneath tight fitting tops and dresses. The quarter cup bra or shelf bra is most commonly used as erotic lingerie as well.



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