How to Complete Mission 3 Alone on Legendary


Precursor” is the principal mission in Halo 4 where you will experience Prometheans, a group of adversary new to the Halo establishment. Notwithstanding new foes, there are likewise new Promethean weapons that you will start experiencing in this mission. You will for the most part utilize the light rifle, which is a 3-fired burst headshot weapon like the UNSC fight rifle. You should involve the light rifle as your headshot weapon all through this mission. The Prometheans don’t utilize contract weapons, so you will seldom approach a plasma gun while battling the them.

Consequently, when you are battling Promethean knights (what could be compared to elites), you should utilize various strategies to eliminate their safeguards. For most of this mission, you will utilize the Promethean silencer, a quick discharging attack rifle that bargains high harm very close. Utilize a blend of your auto guard (a defensive layer capacity), projectiles, and silencer fire to eliminate the Promethean knights. You must battle them alone, so make certain to kill any crawlers or watchers (the Promethean light infantry) in a space before you connect with the knights.


You start this mission within a trailblazer teleporter center with an attack rifle, a magnum, and a hard light safeguard. The hardlight safeguard is a for all intents and purposes futile shield capacity, so trade it for one of the auto guards situated on the dividers to one or the other side of you. The auto guard reinforcement capacity permits you to make a fixed, drifting turret that flames upon the adversaries. Foes will generally take shots at the auto guard rather than you, so it furnishes you with an incredible interruption. It likewise bargains a considerable lot of harm, so it assists you with killing knights while battling them with your silencer. When you send off the auto guard, press the guard again to review it.


Stroll into the primary room of teleporter center and supplement Cortana into the centralized computer. She will then, at that point, make a teleporter to the main transfer tower that you should incapacitate to contact the UNSC Infinity. Go through the vortex, and you will magically transport into a cavern a little ways from the primary transfer tower. As you follow the way ahead, you will see the principal Promethean adversaries; crawlers. Crawlers are fairly like snorts; they can be killed with a solitary headshot and they use the 458 socom ammo most fragile weapons. Notice that the crawlers have a lot more modest heads than snorts, so you should point cautiously. Utilize your magnum to kill these crawlers with headshots, involving the side of the way as cover. In the event that the crawlers start to overpower you, send off your auto guard and it will drive them back.


Follow the way until you transform into a huge open region. Here, you will find 6 crawlers, a watcher, and a knight. Utilize the corner you just came around for cover and kill each of the crawlers first with your magnum. However long you stay back, the knight won’t move toward you. Presently, direct your concentration toward the watcher. Watchers are support infantry equipped for protecting adversaries, resuscitating knights, getting explosives, and producing crawlers. Watchers don’t have heads, so you for the most part need to kill them with various body shots from your headshot weapon. For this situation however, your magnum isn’t sufficiently able to kill the watcher, so get very close and kill it with your attack rifle all things being equal. If vital, send off your auto guard to draw the knight’s fire while you connect with the watcher.


Now that main the knight remains, you can concentrate on him. Knights are like the agreement elites, however they have more grounded safeguards and more modest heads. This knight is furnished with a light rifle, which gives him high exactness yet low harm. In this way, get as close as conceivable with the goal that he can’t use his precision advantage. Send off your auto guard with the goal that it has a reasonable shot at him, then, at that point, get very close and utilize your attack rifle to kill him. After his safeguards break, keep on firing him with your attack rifle until he bites the dust. Prometheans have considerably more safeguards than wellbeing, so when you see their safeguards break, you realize they are practically dead. Trade your magnum for his light rifle, snatch his heartbeat explosives, and trade your attack rifle for one of the crawler’s silencers. Move into the harbinger room up ahead.


As you stroll through the lobby, you ought to see two cartons along the passed on divider with silencers that you can use to restock ammunition. As you exit through the entryway, a knight with a silencer will go after you. The silencer bargains more harm each second than the light rifle, so you should be more cautious while battling this knight. Remain within the herald room and send off your auto guard once the knight draws near range. Utilize the entryway as cover and step out to fire at him. Utilize your light rifle when he is far away and utilize your silencer once he gets very close.

Assuming that you see the knight stop to toss a heartbeat projectile at you, quickly toss a heartbeat explosive at his feet. Since knights can’t move while tossing projectiles, you can without much of a stretch get an immediate hit from the blast. When his safeguards break, either energize and complete him with your silencer or remain back and polish him off with a light rifle headshot in the event that your safeguards are low. Anything you do, don’t permit the knight to get away from when his safeguards are low since his safeguards will recover rapidly.


Killing knights with headshots is substantially more troublesome than killing different foes with headshots. Besides the fact that knights have the littlest tops of all of the infantry in Halo 4, they likewise have face gear safeguarding their head. While they now and again degrade this face gear normally, you generally need to shoot them once in the face gear after you eliminate their safeguards to compel them to withdraw it. Really at that time could you at any point finish them with a headshot. 3-fired burst firearms like the light rifle or fight rifle can kill an unshielded knight with a solitary trigger force on the grounds that the primary projectile eliminates their face gear and the subsequent slug kills them.


Push ahead along the way to one side and you will come to more crawlers and a knight with a light rifle. Send off your auto guard to draw the knight’s discharge, kill the crawlers with light rifle headshots from the front of the stones, and afterward kill the knight with your silencer. Notice that each knight drops two heartbeat projectiles when they kick the bucket, so go ahead and use a lot of heartbeat explosives while battling Prometheans. At the point when you wind up experiencing the same thing, you can toss a heartbeat explosive at a knight or a gathering of crawlers to make them jump away, giving you a lot of chance to withdraw to cover.



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